Baking Industry

We manufacture a full line of metal belts for the baking industry. From baking bands, oven belts, sheeter, transfer and cooling tower we can supply you with the right metal belt for your baking application. We offer positive drive balanced weave belting and can manufacture mesh to run on any sprockets. Most common sizes and specifications for sheeter and transfer belts are in stock. Call us for belting, connecting rods, chain, attachments and any spare parts needed to repair or maintain your metal belt.


Glass Industry

We manufacture a full line of Lehr belts made from 3% Chrome alloy or stainless steel available in round or flat wire designations. Available in widths up to 240 inches. We also manufacture a full line of belts used on recycle lines and palletizers.


Heat Treating

Custom manufactured and designed chain driven belting to increase belt life in your quench and washer belts. Hardening belts available in 314ss & 35/19cb can be manufactured with custom side guards to reduce part lose. Draw belts available in any alloy, with or without chain drive. Chain is available in pitches ranging from 1-1/2” — 12” pitch. Call for spare parts including rods, plates, cleats, bolts, chain and mesh to repair your metal belts.



Full line of high temperature belts made from nickel based alloys and able to handle temperatures to 2300 F in various atmospheres. We manufacture the full line of Double Balanced, Rod-Reinforced, Double Rod-Reinforced and Balanced weaves used in these applications. All belts are available in round and flat wire and can be furnished with custom edges designed to contain your parts on the belt. Call for splicing pins available in any diameter and alloy for ease in removing stretch for your belts


Food Processing

A full line of sprocket driven balanced weave belting is available in carbon and stainless steel for use on transfer and cooling conveyors. Most sprockets are available in 304ss and U.H.M.W. Chain driven belts in carbon and stainless steel for frying and cooking available with custom edges, cleats and attachments for sediment drag out and oil filtering. We offer a full line of wear strip, attachments, cleats and maintenance items for metal belt lines.


Shot Blast

Custom metal belts woven from manganese wire for use in shot blast equipment. Meshes with openings up to 3” are available in wire diameters of .216” or .3125”. Most common sizes and specs are available from stock.


Veneer Industry

Wire Mesh Belt has been a leader in the manufacture and supply of stainless steel dryer belts for veneer dryers. Our dryer belts are in use on all major OEM equipment including Grezebach-BSH (Babcock-BSH), Cremona, Fezer, Omeco and Raute. We can supply dryer belts in any length. Widths up to 240 inches manufactured in Galvanized, 304, 304L, 316ss & 316L with welded, wrapped & welded or looped edges. We offer full service installation and on-site repair of your belt edges. Call today for your quote.
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